Google Flights, Trips, hotel search get you ready for the holidays


Planning holiday vacations, whether last-minute or planned beforehand, can sometimes add to the stress of the season. Imagine how people used to do it back to the days when there wasn’t all these apps and services available in the palm of our hands. Google has been especially helpful with various apps and just the basic old search that you can utilize when trying to find the best deals to make your trip either more economical, more interesting, or just a tiny bit better.

Google Flights now includes tips that will be displayed under your search results. They’re using machine learning and statistical analysis of historical data to tell you whether “prices are less than normal” so you can decide to book already. Sometimes the tip would be that prices will not drop further than that so that can help you book now since its the lowest it will probably ever be.

If it’s hotels you’re looking for, there is no separate app, but Google search in itself is already pretty helpful. Tips will also show up above your search results, telling you if the room rates are higher or lower than usual. If you want to keep a close eye on specific hotels, you can get email price alerts by opting into Hotel Price Tracking, which will also soon be available on desktop.

You can also now get great deals for ticketing on tours for your upcoming vacation in the Discounts section of your Google Trips app. You can browse through all the possible discounts you can avail of, aside from getting recommendations for interesting things to see and try in your destination. So get ready for your next holiday trip, not just this Christmas but even for MLK weekend and Presidents’ Day next year!

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

December 15, 2017 at 09:07PM