Google encourages apps, websites to be more “accesible”


If you’re not one of the one billion people in the world who suffer from some sort of disability, you probably don’t think about how technology can actually make websites, apps, and devices more inclusive for them. Google is saying that they are making accessibility a “core consideration” when developing new products and they are also now encouraging developers and business owners to make their own products more accessible for all kinds of people, whether they’re visually or aurally impaired or have some form of autism, and other disabilities that should not prevent them from engaging with your product.

And to encourage new products to be more accessible, Google is providing a new suite of resources that will help creators, marketers, and designers to come up with websites and apps for everyone. If you didn’t know it yet, Google actually has an app called Primer that gives you quick lessons on business and digital marketing skills. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can search for accessibility and you can get 5-minute lessons to help you understand accessibility and also get practical tips on what to do to make your own products that way.

They also have the Google Accessibility page where you will find free tools that you can use and apply to your apps or website. You can choose from a variety of features that you can apply, whichever one you think will be useful to your target market. The Android Developers site is also a veritable source of information and suggestions to improve on your product.

Google recently introduced new products that aim to help people living with disabilities. This includes Lookout, an app for the visually impaired, Morse Code support on the Gboard virtual keyboard, and captions on YouTube Live videos.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

May 17, 2018 at 10:06PM