Google Coach will be an AI-powered health and fitness assistant


Google collects a lot of data from us as we use our Android phones, tablets, wearables, smart speakers, etc. And because of AI technology, they are able to craft products that are more personal and useful. Next on their list is health and fitness as they are reportedly developing something called Google Coach. The idea is to help you stay fit (or more fit) with suggestions and notifications based on the information that it is able to get from all its tracking activities.

The internal codename for this is reportedly Project Wooden but the tentative name is Google Coach although that may still change when it is announced. It is proactive and personal as it will leverage the data that it is able to gather from all your tracked mobile activities. It will suggest things like what workout routines you should do, track your progress if you take its advice, and then recommend things if you miss a workout or two. When you actually work out, it will log your information and then use it for future suggestions.

It will also supposedly give you nutrition and meal suggestions, based on your location patterns, whether you eat out a lot or you stay home to cook. It can give you a weekly meal plan or even a grocery list and based on your calendar data as well, it can plan out how many meals you will need for the entire week. It will also make suggestions like drink more water, take more steps, drink your medication (if you have), etc.

All of this will be delivered to your device in a conversational manner, and to avoid notification overload, it might get most of the suggestions in just one notification. For its initial rollout, those who have Wear OS devices will be the focus but you will also be able to use your phone to access information, monitor the suggestions, etc. But if you need live tracking, you’ll need a Wear OS-powered smartwatch.

Google Coach will also eventually expand to other Google products like Android TV, Google Home, etc. There is no timeline yet as to when this will be available.

VIA: Android Police

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August 16, 2018 at 02:01PM