Google Clips app update now auto-saves “best” moments


Google Clips has been a pretty useful tiny device for families and friends who want to capture as many moments as possible without necessarily having everyone pose for pictures always. While some say it’s pretty basic, they keep bringing new features to the software so that the device itself will become even more necessary for those parties, events, or even just any moment that you want to capture. The latest update brings auto-saves of the best images from your clips, a rebuilt High Capture Rate and a new Familiar Faces Management screen.

A few months ago, you could finally capture high-resolution stills while your Clips is doing its thing, capturing, well, clips. Now they’re bringing it a step further by using artifical intelligence and machine learning to automatically capture those best still frames, still in hi-res format. You’ll just have to review and see which ones you want to keep and use eventually.

The High Capture Rate option has also now been “completely rebuilt”. This means that when you turn this on in the settings, it should be able to capture those clips more frequently. The change log specifically mentions things like hugs, jumps, smiles, dances, etc.

You also now get a new Familiar Faces Management screen. Google Clips prides itself in being able to recognize those faces that are important to the users. With this new screen, you’ll be able to know which faces it thinks it should capture. In case it got it wrong, you can now edit it and tell which ones are your loved ones.

The update of course includes the standard bug fixes and improvements which ordinary mortals don’t really understand or see but which we are assured are pretty important. If you have Google Clips, update the app now to enjoy these new features.

via Android Community

September 28, 2018 at 09:04AM