Google Clips AI camera now available in the US for $249


Google is trying out this new thing called Clips, an AI-powered camera that lets you capture moments and also be part of that moment (without it being a selfie). It’s a hands-free camera with a companion app on your smartphone that lets you just continuously take photos and videos of an event, a trip, or even just an ordinary moment at home. And it will be the one to choose the best clips for you. It’s now finally available in the US for just $249.

This tiny camera is actually not designed to replace your smartphone’s camera or your DSLR. It probably doesn’t have that much power or quality. But what it does is use AI and machine learning to identify facial expressions of humans and also pets and then choose the best clips for you without you having to go through all of that video editing, which can sometimes take up so much time and effort. It works like a traditional point and shoot and because it has a clipstand, you can attach it to a chair or any furniture or just put it down on an even surface or even hold it so you can go around.

The machine learning algorithm is trained to look for good facial expressions like joy and excitement, both from humans and animals. And if you connect your Google Photos account, it will learn to recognize which people or pets you often take pictures or videos of. We talked about the Google Clips companion app previously so you can see how it helps enhance your entire Clips experience.

The Google Clips camera is now available for sale on the Google Store, Best Buy, B&H, and Verizon. it costs $249 which some will say is reasonable while some would consider it too expensive for a point and shoot camera. You can also add an Incipio neoprene case for just $14.99 to store and protect your camera.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

February 27, 2018 at 02:40PM