Google claims Pixel 2 MMS issue ‘fixed’, some users still experiencing issue


It was recently reported that users of Google Pixel 2 smartphones were having problems with MMS (multimedia messaging service) messages, in that they are not able to download said messages correctly. A Google employee has announced via the Pixel forums that the said issue has now been “resolved”, but it seems that Pixel 2 users have a different experience as to what has been announced. In other words, the problem may not be as “fixed” as Google claims it to be.

Sending messages via MMS is not a big thing among smartphone users, but it is one of those features that you expect to “just work” when you want to use it. This would be especially true if you are a user of the Google Pixel 2 smartphone, which is Google’s poster phone for what an Android phone should be like. Never mind that the Pixel 2 has had its own share of issues along the way, we expect MMS to work when we have to use it. That has not been the case with some Pixel 2 users.

That said, Google has announced that the issue has been fixed, albeit the serious lack of detail in the announcement about what exactly the issue was, what caused it, and what resolved it. But around the time of the announcement, an update to the Carrier Services and Android Messages apps rolled out which could be part of the fix for this issue.

Android Police has put up APK installers of the updated apps, with download links via the source link below. If the update notification has not arrived for you yet, you may want to download those apps. They MAY resolve the issue, but then again, we’re just hoping until Google clarifies the issue.

SOURCE: Android Police

via Android Community

April 2, 2018 at 03:14AM