Google checks your trending knowledge in Game of the Year


If you have a bit of extra time on your hands and you’re the type of person who likes knowing what are the latest search trends, then this new game from Google might be your cup of coffee or tea. Game of the Year is basically a quiz on all the trends that happened on search this past year based on the recently released annual year in search from Google. While you don’t really win anything at the end of it all except bragging rights, it’s still a fun way to test your knowledge and see if you’re actually up to date with things.

To start off the game, you will be asked to enter your name or at least a name and then you can customize the sound of your host. You can adjust the speed and pitch of the natural sounding synthesized virtual voice and it even cracks jokes like “Do I sound like a cartoon mouse yet?” when you put the pitch a little too high. If you don’t like having a virtual host, you can always mute it and just read the instructions on your screen.

There are 20 questions all in all with increasing level of difficulty. You start out with just two options and it eventually increases. You have 10 seconds to answer the question, which is of course all about search trends, and if you make three mistakes, the game ends. You are awarded points depending on how fast you answer. There are also Bonus Rounds in between where you have to swipe left or right for quick questions. Oh and your virtual host cracks corny jokes or gives some useless facts in between rounds.

Your scores are computed at the end of the game and if you feel like you did really well, then you can share it on Twitter or Facebook. You can also challenge your friends if you’re feeling competitive and if you want to also test their search knowledge if they’re into this kind of thing. The game best works on touchscreen devices although you can also play it on your desktop.

The game is actually built using Google Cloud and WaveNet and is meant to show off their text-to-speech technology powered by machine learning. To play the game, just head on over to

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

December 18, 2018 at 03:35PM