Google brings Family Link app to teens, more devices


Family Link is an app that Google launched last year to help parents keep connected with their kids even as they’re using their Android devices. They are able to manage how much screen time the kids use, what apps they can use, and basically ensure that while they’re using technology to both learn from it and enjoy it, they are still keeping safe an healthy under their parents’ supervision. Now the update expands the reach of this app, age-wise and also device-wise.

The Family Link app was originally designed for parents with kids under the age of 13 but the feedback is that it is still very useful for those who already have teenagers. While they probably wouldn’t want their parents narcing on them, in this age where nefarious elements can get to both teens and kids, having parental supervision is still important (especially if you’re still living at home).

Starting this week, parents can use Family Link to supervise their teen’s digital activities through their Google account. There are of course differences from the original one. Teens can actually turn off the supervision if they want to but the parents will be informed that they did. Google is urging the family to have a conversation about this first before deciding on anything.

Family Link is also now available for Chromebook for both kids and teens and their parents of course. Parents will be able to manage website restrictions and account settings on their children’s Chromebook from their mobile device. Future tools also include setting screen time limits and also managing which apps they can use on it.

Google is also encouraging parents to give their feedbacks and suggestions on how they can better improve Family Link. Just tap on the menu in the left corner of the app and go to Help and feedback where you can send your thoughts about the app and how it’s helping or not helping your family.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

September 18, 2018 at 07:16PM