Google brings back the blobs for World Emoji Day


Yes guys, World Emoji Day is a real thing and every year, we get more and more people and brands celebrating it with cutesy posts and sometimes even promos. As a gift to emoji-loving Android users everywhere, Google is bringing back something we never thought we’d miss, but we apparently do: the blob! No, they’re not turning back all your regular emojis into the blob that we said goodbye to a year ago. Instead, you’ll get a sticker pack for your Android Messages and Gboard virtual keyboard (so you can use it virtually everywhere).

Basically, the blobmoji is a sticker pack where you’ll be able to relive all the blobby goodness that we used to have on our Android devices. Almost everyone else had the “normal” looking standard emojis but Google was still in a blobby form, which wasn’t always well-received. So with the Oreo update, they redesigned all the emojis to look like everyone else’s. And then some people realized they wanted the blobs back, but of course, it was too late.

But now, to celebrate World Emoji Day, they’re bringing it back in the form of a sticker pack that you can access from both Android Messages and the Gboard keyboard. Just go to any conversation within the Messages app, tap on the + icon then the sticker icon, and then another + button at the top to add the sticker pack. If you’re already using Gboard, just go to the emoji shortcut, tap on the sticker icon, and you’ll see the shortcut to the blobs already there.

Don’t worry, the sticker pack will not be gone one World Emoji Day is already over. In fact, Google may still be rolling it out so you might not immediately see the blobs on your virtual keyboard. It should be live across all platforms over the next few days. And if you’re not a fan of the blob, don’t worry, your emojis are still the way they have been since Oreo rolled out last year.

via Android Community

July 18, 2018 at 10:33AM