Google Assistant update brings alarms, shows, and music easily to you


The beauty of all these digital assistants and home speakers making their way to the market is that it makes life even easier for us when we’ve got a million things going on in our lives. And they keep rolling out updates whenever a competitor comes up with something new, so it’s really a win for consumers. Google Assistant’s latest update brings you a new way of waking up to your alarm and easier ways of finding your shows and music.

Waking up in the morning (or when you’re supposed to) is one of the toughest things for people who can’t wake up easily. What makes it tougher is having an annoying, wailing alarm. Now you can ask your virtual assistant to use a song from your favorite artists. You can wake up to your favorite song, playlist, or radio station just by saying “Hey Google, set an alarm for (insert time) that plays (insert favorite musician) to any of your Assistant-enabled home speakers.

If you watch a lot of TV shows you might sometimes forget when they’re on or when to catch up on the latest episodes. You can now ask Google Assistant tons of TV-related questions like when does this show air or what channel is it showing. You can also set reminders like “Hey Google, remind me to watch Riverdale every Wednesday at 8PM”. If you’re watching on YouTubeTV, you just have to say, “Hey Google, watch Riverdale” and it will automatically play. If you connect your Netflix to your Google Home account, you can also just say, “Hey Google play Stranger Things on Netflix” and it will pick up where you left off the last time you watched.

You can also now ask your Google Assistant to play your purchased music and even the uploaded ones on Google Play Music. Just ask it to play your favorite song, album, or artist and it should be able to play it if it’s there.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

February 1, 2018 at 11:34PM