Google Assistant to expand to 25 countries, add new languages


Google seems to be focusing a lot on its Google Home hardware and consequentially, its virtual assistant which is simply called Google Assistant. However, the availability of both the smart speakers and the digital assistant is still not that wide. But while they’re working on integrating it with as many devices as possible, it looks like they are also working on expanding its reach. The tech giant has just announced that by this year, they will be adding 25 new countries where it will be available as well as adding even more languages to its current roster.

Last year, Google Assistant expanded to only 8 countries so this year’s massive jump is a welcome development, especially for countries that have been looking forward to using the virtual assistant. They are specifically targeting developing economies as the smartphone market is still not saturated and users are still on the lookout for new digital things to explore. This means that countries in South America, Europe, and the Pacific will probably get Google Assistant sometime this year.

Language-wise, they did not specify which they will be adding, but since its release, where English was the only language available at first, they have since added French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. The addition of Hindi was big, as it’s the 3rd most-spoken language in the world and India has become one of the largest smartphone markets in the world.

Expect Google to bring Google Assistant to more devices as well this year, and also expect it to expand the availability of the Google Home since it wants to compete alongside the Amazon Echo devices and the newly-released HomePod from Apple.

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via Android Community

February 20, 2018 at 01:03AM