Google Assistant makes “Hey Google” official


While those using Android devices are probably used to saying “Ok Google” ever since voice assistants became the norm, some would still prefer to say some other thing like “Hey Google”. A few months ago some users said that their devices were able to understand them when they said the latter, although it was probably beta testing at that time. It looks like now an update is rolling out that officially lets you choose between the two phrases when activating your Google Assistant.

Actually, Google Home smart speakers can already use the “Hey Google” hotword whenever someone would need to ask something from Google Assistant. So it should also follow that you can use it on your supported Android smartphone. So when Google started testing it out in select devices a few months ago, those who preferred to say something that’s less one syllable got excited.

Now users are getting prompts to setup their Google Assistant again so they can choose between the two hotwords. You will need to do this to enable “Hey Google” since your current voice assistant can only recognize the “Ok Google”. But you will also still have to train your phone to recognize your voice saying “Hey Google” in order for it to work. It will also work with the screen turned off, just like before.

Google Assistant used to be available in limited Android devices only but they seem to be expanding now to more smartphones and tablets. If you do already have it, just wait for the prompt to enable “Hey Google.”

SOURCE: Reddit

via Android Community

December 18, 2017 at 07:35PM