Google Assistant can now control your Ikea Tradfri smart lights


When Ikea introduced its line of Tradfri smart lights, it gave an opportunity for us mere mortals to have affordable smart lighting solutions for our homes. However, the problem initially was that it was not compatible with any of the voice assistants in the market and so you could only control it through your app. And of course smart things work better with voice controls. Eventually, it got Alexa and HomeKit support, but Google Assistant was left out in the cold. Until now, that is.

Finally, the Ikea Tradfri Android app is now integrated with Google Assistant so you can finally use voice commands in order to turn your smart lights on or off. Once you’ve updated your app, you can go to the Assistant settings or the Google Home app. Tap on the Home Control button then go to the bottom right and tap the blue add button. You should be able to see the “Tradfri – Ikea smart lighting” item in the list, along with other smart accessory brands.

It will tell you that you have to make sure Google Assistant is in the Tradfri app. Go to settings and press the integrations then choose Google Assistant from that list too. You may return to the Assistant app afterwards to complete the process. You should now see all your lights under the Home Control section. You can change their nicknames, assign them to specific rooms, and then control them with the usual light commands like turning it on/off, dimming or brightening it, setting the brightness to a certain percentage, etc.

Update all the necessary apps so you can start using voice commands for your Tradfri lights. You can use your Google Home speakers or your Google Assistant supported smartphones to give said commands or get information from.

VIA: Android Police

via Android Community

April 14, 2018 at 04:37PM