Google Assistant can brightness to max with a specific command


You would think that the much-hyped digital assistants would be able to do pretty much everything on your smartphone with just a voice command. But everything’s still a work in progress apparently, even with Google Assistant. If for some reason you can’t use your hands to turn up the brightness levels on your phone, you may have a bit of a problem if you say “Ok Google, turn brightness to 100”, it doesn’t really understand that you want to bring it to a maximum level.

In fact, saying that particular command will indeed brighten (or darken, depending on your current setting) your phone but not to the level you’re expecting. It will just bring it to 100 out of 255 because 255 is the maximum value that you can fit into one byte or 8 bits. It’s actually the fullest value of things related to computers, so it’s not just a random number that Google came up with to make your life harder.

So naturally (or unnaturally), you will have to say, “Ok Google, set brightness to 255” if you want to get the full effect. However, if you say “Ok Google, set brightness to maximum”, it doesn’t always work. Some say it would do as it asks but some users would get an apology that it doesn’t understand what you want it to do. As for volume, you will also have to be more specific, like “Ok Google, set volume to 10” or whatever maximum or minimum level your phone has.

It can be frustrating sometimes when your smartphone’s digital assistant doesn’t do as you say or understand what you’re trying to make it do. But OEMs are continually trying to improve them, so in a few years or even months, you just might be satisfied with the updates they will hopefully roll out.

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via Android Community

February 12, 2018 at 08:04AM