Google Arts & Culture matches your face with works of art


Have you ever gazed at your face in the mirror or browsed through your hundreds of selfies and asked yourself, “I wonder if I look like any work of art somewhere in the world?” Well, wonder no more as the Google Arts & Culture app can determine that for you. The app update was back in December, but it looks like people are just starting to discover the fun that can be had when they upload their photo and the app tries to match it with the painting that it most closely resembles.

The process is pretty simple from the user’s end of things. Download the app or update it to the latest version if you haven’t yet then go to the “Is your portrait in a museum?” section. Take a selfie, upload it, and based on your pose and sometimes the accessories you have on, it will determine which is the closest works of art that resemble you or at least your picture at that time. Users had fun posting on Twitter the results of the different face matches that the app gives them.

It’s that simple on the surface and on the UI, but of course there is a “sophisticated facial recognition system” working on it. It maps the facial features of the selfie taken and that may sometimes need a bit of editing and re-orienting to get a clearer view of your face. Then it will compare it from its database of more than 70,000 artworks in the Google Art Project database and give you the most similar ones.

Google says it doesn’t store the uploaded photos on its database, but of course, putting your image there means you’ve contributed to their facial recognition technology and algorithm. If you don’t mind that, go ahead and have fun looking for your twinning artworks.

VIA: Sploid

via Android Community

January 15, 2018 at 07:01AM