Google AdWords testing beta for video ads on Google Play


Ads, ads, ads. Ads everywhere. You can’t stop them really. You just need to set where you’d want to see them and when. For Google, its AdWords programs is one of the biggest in the web today. It crosses even to mobile apps since more people are accessing the Internet from their phones. The team is said to be releasing beta for video ads so more players will be reached on Google Play. With the use of sight, sound, and motion, the ads will potentially attract and target more people to try a particular app or game. Others may find it annoying but Google is hoping it will work. Honestly, it can be effective if AdWords promise to implement targeted ads and nothing else.

Usually, targeting advertisements works because the ads appeal to the interests and preferences of the people. This practice has been common so don’t be surprised if you see ads popping up related to what you just searched. (And oh, be careful with what you search for lest you want your secrets exposed.)

A representative from the Google AdWords team shared: “In a sea of mobile apps, it’s critical to reach the right players at the right time and place. Universal App campaigns (UAC) use Google’s machine learning technology to find loyal fans across, Google Play, YouTube, and over 3 million sites and apps in the Google Display Network.”

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via Android Community

March 16, 2018 at 12:03AM