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Pay What You Want Photography Bundle

It’s Pay What You Want day in AAPicks land folks. This one is for the photography lovers among you.

Everyone has an amateur photographer inside them, now we all have high-caliber cameras in their pockets too. All that’s standing between your Instagram snaps and a paid profession is some online training.

And believe us,  there’s money to be made. Every publication worth its salt relies on a slew of professional photographers, including Android Authority.

So how do you actually stand-out and impress when it comes to photography? By actually knowing what you’re doing, that’s how. The Complete Photography Bundle is over 26 hours of training to give you the edge.

Learn how to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments perfectly.

In this nine-part online bundle, you’ll learn all manner of skills for taking and editing the perfect photographs. You’ll be a wizard at fixing common issues like low contrast, lack of definition, and texturing. You’ll also gain mastery at many tools which can enhance photos to the level at which people will want to buy them.

The learning kits cover many varieties of this art form, from landscapes to weddings. It even includes the Art of Travel Photography, in which you’ll learn how to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments perfectly.

The photography bundle in full:

If you tot up the values it’s over $1,000 of training, but right now you can pay what you like.

Here’s how it works: Whatever you pay, you’ll get DIY Food Photography and Advanced Creative Photography Skills. It could be as little as $1, and you’ll walk away with $186 worth of courses.

If you beat the current average price, as displayed on the deal page, then all nine learning kits are yours. It’s as simple as that. At the time of writing the average was around $11, so it’s not exactly big money.

The nature of these deals means the average price gradually goes up, so jump in early to get the best deal. Find the offer via the button below.

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via Android Authority

January 11, 2019 at 12:43PM