Ghostbusters World preview shown on Google Maps at GDC


If you’ve already become bored with capturing Pokemons, maybe you’ll prefer capturing ghosts soon. Google is making a big push for developers to create augmented reality games through their Google Maps API and one of the first games that will be released is Ghostbusters World. For those at the ongoing Game Developers Conference in California, you’ll be able to see a preview of the game in its pre-alpha mode and based on the video, it might be actually better than Pokemon Go.

On the surface, Ghostbusters World looks exactly like Pokemon Go but with ghosts instead of the beloved monsters, but there are also differences that Google wants to emphasize. For example, before you get to capture the ghost or creature, you have to undergo a bit of battle so it won’t be as easy as just tapping on your screen. That should make it more challenging for those who are looking for more in their augmented reality games.

Just like Pokemon Go, you will use your mobile device to navigate the real world as your in-game character walks around an alternate reality based on your real-world GPS location. That’s where Google Maps API comes in, as Google is hoping that developers will be able to use it to make their games and programs more realistic.

The developers of Ghostbusters World will also be releasing tidbits through their social media accounts, namely Twitter and Facebook. They made a “toast to the weekend” last Friday, showing off a teaser on how you can capture a possessed piece of bread from your toaster. There should be more teasers as the GDC officially starts this week and we see both the developers and Google make a big push for Google Maps API.

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March 19, 2018 at 10:47PM