Get your PlayStation 4 out of safe mode


If you can’t get your PlayStation 4 out of Safe Mode take a deep breath and relax. I’ve got some advice to get you back to all your favorite games. Make sure you check out the easiest options first before you jump to initializing your whole console! I made sure to list all the options in order from the simplest to most complicated to make sure you’ve exhausted all of your options before jumping to any extremes.

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What is safe mode?

First things first. Safe mode on a PS4 is basically the same kind of safe mode that your computer has. If your system can’t start up normally, then safe mode will launch to give your console a few basic functions to help find a solution to get your PS4 working again. Even if your console is starting normally, you can launch safe mode on your own to help fix some issues you are experiencing during gameplay.

Check out all of your options!

Here’s a list of all the options you’ll see inside of this article. If you’ve already tried one of them before finding this article feel free to check out any of the other options!

Follow these steps to launch into safe mode

Note: Do not attempt to launch your PS4 in safe mode if your USB ports are not working. After you launch your console in safe mode, you will need to sync your controller through a USB port. If your USB ports aren’t working, you will need to get them fixed before attempting this step.

  1. Turn off your PS4.
  2. Press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps: one when you first press and another seven seconds later.

  3. Connect your DualShock 4 controller with the USB cable.
  4. Press the PS button on the center of the controller.

There you have it! If your PlayStation is experiencing any issues that can’t be solved in the normal startup you can use safe mode to find more solutions. Any of the options below will help you get out of safe mode if you’ve found yourself there against your wishes.

Try using the menu options to get out of safe mode

  1. Connect your controller to your PlayStation’s USB port.

  2. Select the first menu option. It is labeled Restart PS4.

"Restart PS4" might look like it might reset your console’s memory, but I promise it won’t. Using this option will shut your PlayStation down and restart it with a message saying, "Welcome back to PlayStation."

Unplugging the console

  1. Shut down your PlayStation with the Power Button or menu option to avoid the "PlayStation was not shut off properly" error code.
  2. Unplug your consoles power cord.
  3. Leave it unplugged for ** a minimum of 20 minutes**.
  4. Plug the cable back in and turn on your console.
  5. If it still loads into Safe Mode attempt to use the menu option of "Restart PS4" once more.

If your PlayStation is still starting in Safe Mode after selecting "Restart PS4" from the menu options you should try unplugging your system entirely. The good ole’ "unplug it and plug it back in" solution has an odd success rate.

Check your HDMI cables

If your PS4 is starting in safe mode and not allowing you to navigate the menu options it might be a hardware issue. Before you do anything try changing out your HDMI cables.

Another PlayStation user suffered this terrible fate and found that changing his cables allowed him to navigate the menu, use the "Restart PS4" option, and get back to his regular boot mode. Why this option works is a mystery, but its worth a shot!

Updating your system software

  1. Connect your PlayStation to the internet.
  2. Select "Update System Software" from the Safe Mode menu option.

If you can’t connect your PlayStation to the internet use these steps instead:

Note: Make sure you have 375 MB of free space on the USB drive of your choosing.

  1. On the USB drive create a folder named "PS4".
  2. Inside that folder, create another folder named UPDATE.

  3. Download the update to a USB drive from here.
  4. Save the file inside of the UPDATE folder with the name PS4UPDATE.PUP
  5. Connect the USB drive to one of the USB ports on your PlayStation.
  6. Select Update System Software from the Safe Mode menu option.

Lacking the most recent update files on your PS4 can cause your console to have a conniption. Thankfully the safe mode menu has an option to update your system directly or through a USB drive.

Rebuilding your database

None of your save files will be compromised with this option.

  1. Connect your PlayStation to the internet.
  2. Select Rebuild Database from the menu.

  3. Leave your console alone, as this process will take quite some time.

This option will scan the hard drive of your PS4 and create a new database of all the games and apps on the system. This option does not fix any hard drive issues on the system. Instead, it finds any compromising data from a game or app that could be the source of your problems. After the issue is found it will replace the files for repairs.

Your LAST RESORT option is to initialize the PS4 (Reinstall System Software)

This option will permanently delete all data and settings from your system.

  1. On your computer on a USB drive create a folder named PS4.
  2. Inside that folder create another folder named UPDATE.
  3. Download the update to the USB drive from the PlayStation website.
  4. Save it inside of the UPDATE folder with the name PS4UPDATE.PUP.
  5. Connect the USB drive to one of the USB ports on your PlayStation.
  6. Select Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) from the menu options in safe mode.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions and leave your PlayStation alone until all the updates are finished downloading!

This option will not only delete all user data but it will also remove and replace the PS4 firmware. This will put your PlayStation back in the "fresh out of the box" state you received it in. If your PS4 is having an issue there’s a good chance this will fix it. If it doesn’t the problem is more serious then you’ll be able to fix for yourself.

Still can’t get out of safe mode?

The warranty on your PlayStation 4 might cover repairs or replacements for your console. Experts will be able to take a look at the issues and hopefully fix them without your data being compromised. Most experts offer an option to have all of your data transferred before the repairs start to secure the safety of your precious files. Make sure you ask about it when you take it in!

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