Get up close and personal with a HD wireless digital microscope


Digital Microscope

Do you know anyone who doesn’t enjoy checking out stuff under a microscope? Thought not. Microscopes might have been invented for research purposes, but in reality, they’re the ultimate curiosity satisfying tool.

If you want a super-strong microscope of your own, now’s your chance. This HD wireless digital microscope lets you magnify anything by 1,000 times, and right now there’s an 80 percent discount on the retail value.

Whether it’s a piece of tech, an insect, or a bit of your own anatomy, if it fits under the scope then it’s fair game. The digital microscope has built-in LED lights with adjustable illumination to help you capture crisp, detailed images.

Ready to unleash your inner geek?

The digital microscope is extremely portable and Wi-Fi enabled, so with the companion app you can stream live footage back to your device. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, it’s a very handy tool.

Now for the best part. The retail value of the digital microscope is almost $300, but right now you can get one for just $59.99. That’s the kind of price drop we like.

Ready to unleash your inner geek? The deal is just a one-week thing, so jump in while you can via the button below.

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November 7, 2018 at 03:01PM