Gear S3 in Canada gets Tizen update to fix battery bug


A few weeks ago we reported on an issue that Samsung Gear S3 owners were experiencing when they updated their smartwatch to the latest version of Tizen 3.0. The main complaint was that the battery life became wonky, draining faster than usual even when they were just regularly using it. There was no official word from Samsung as to why this happened, but we assumed they were quietly working on a solution. Finally, there is an update available to supposedly fix this problem. However, only those in Canada will get this update for now.

The Tizen 3.0 value pack update will hopefully restore your Gear S3 to its normal battery life, which was 2-3 days on average. Aside from that, you also get a few minor updates. You get new widgets that give more information and are more intuitive to use. The bezel ring function has been improved, as well as your fitness tracking, if you’re using your smartwatch to monitor all your activities.

The previous updated to Tizen brought that infamous battery drainage and made some customers pretty unhappy. The only solution back then was to do a factory reset of your device which caused even more inconvenience to users. Hopefully, this new update will fix that and will not cause any more battery problems. As we all know, good battery life for our mobile devices is probably one of the most important things we “demand” from our OEMs.

However, the update is rolling out only in Canada for now. There’s no news yet as to when other markets will get the update, but hopefully it will be soon.

VIA: SAM Mobile

via Android Community

December 19, 2017 at 11:07PM