GCam Tool updated, flipping of selfies stopped


The GCam Tool was first made known to us back in February when the app was updated to fix the way Google Camera apps save portrait mode images. It was considered a Google Pixel’s camera software. It’s only a special project that has just received another round of update. We’ve been introduced recently to the GCam Tool 2.0 which offers several improvements including the ability to move all Google Camera Photos to any folder. The app also prevents flipping of selfie images for your convenience.

Much has been said about the Google Camera with HDR+ and this GCam Tool by AppTuners continues to offer enhanced mobile imaging features. With the update, you can now move to any folder or memory card. If you don’t have time organizing your stuff, Gcam can move images to the proper gallery location.

The app enables the phone and Google Camera to take burst photos and then save one blurred photo and one regular image and then saving the results in a new folder. You can easily save them in one location and access for later use

The app prevents selfie flipping and instead saves what you see in the cam viewfinder. GCam Tool 2.0 is ideal to use when you want to keep what you see and store them on an SD card. You can now batch move multiple files, select custom source and destination folders, delete the subfolder created by default, or select photos you want to move.

Download GCam Tool from the Google Play Store

VIA: XDA Developers

via Android Community

May 1, 2018 at 09:03AM