Garmin Navigon apps to be discontinued, will be pulled out from app stores


Garmin is pulling out all of its navigations apps listed on App Store and the Google Play Store. Beginning May 14, you won’t be able to see Navigon, Navigon Cruiser, and Navigon Regions from the app stores but if you still have these apps, don’t worry as you can still use them. Just don’t expect support or update and after two years, they will totally be discontinued. We’re not sure what’s happening here but Garmin is saying it’s all for strategic reasons. We’re curious about this change because those Garmin apps are popular especially on the App Store used on iOS devices.

We’re assuming the information provided by Garmin isn’t as accurate and comprehensive as those given by Waze or Google Maps. In-app purchases will no longer work even if you try beginning the 14th of May. Old purchases may still work but don’t expect app updates from now on. Subscriptions will also expire. Only those with FreshMaps or Unlimited Navigation subscription will get map updates in the future.

If you have Navigon Select, Garmin HUD EU/NA: Garmin HUD Plus, BMW HUS, know that you can still download and upgrade them. In-app purchases can still be used in the future.

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via Android Community

April 19, 2018 at 08:04AM