Games Roundup: This week’s collection of suggested Android games for you


It’s the 5th month of the year, and we’re still not done giving you new games specifically for your Android devices. If you’re the type who gets bored quickly, then new games might be the best thing for you. If you’re a gamer by heart, then these games listed here might be worth looking at. If you simply need a game to play for the few minutes while waiting for your next daily task, we won’t judge you. The games here are for everybody.

Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition

This is the latest addition to the SEGA Forever line of games, also known as “we’re going to earn from your nostalgia”. But these games are admittedly fun and nostalgic for us who lived in the earlier days of gaming, and we should be thankful for SEGA bringing these classics over to mobile. This new one is Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition. We know you remember playing the game in the arcade, but this games seems like a tweaked version of Super Monkey Ball 2, which is already available in the Play Store. That said, it still might be fun for you.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Animal Super Squad

This one of those games you shouldn’t miss out on. The game is the lovechild of renowned YouTuber PewDiePie and the development studio DoubleMoose, and it features goofy physics-based adventure gameplay – this is Animal Super Squad. Think of elements of Donkey Kong, Trials, and Bridge Constructor Portal, and you should have a pretty good idea of this new game. Add a huge dollop of hilarity and we got ourselves a great game.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Iron Throne

So the title of the game sounds suspiciously like that TV series we all love. This game by Netmarble has nothing to do with Game of Thrones (unfortunately), but it is a pretty enjoyable MMO strategy game set in a fantasy world that has dragons. Check that, dragons you can ride on. That alone should seal it for us. The game is free to download, and something you should really try.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Dragonball Legends

It’s difficult enough to capture the enormity of the epic battles in Dragonball, so we doubt that any Dragonball-inspired mobile game will live up to that kind of expectations. Dragonball Legends sets its sights slightly lower – it’s a card battle game, but with your favorite Dragonball characters and their special moves, unleashed in combos through cards. That’s pretty simple, and it should be fun for DB fans all over the world.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


This is a new game with an intriguing proposition – you play in an action RPG with classical fantasy heroes like Theseus, Cleopatra, Robin Hood, Aladdin, and Hercules among others. Checking that, we see that there are even more heroes to collect, and you can level them up so they fight even better. Then you can bring your team of heroes and fight other players in 5v5 real time PvP battles if you choose to. Pretty cool.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney will not let itself be overtaken by others in terms of mobile gaming. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a free to play action RPG, only that you get to play with characters from Disney and Pixar. We’re talking about The Incredibles, Wreck-It Ralph, and Pirates of the Caribbean, among others. More than 30 playable characters can be unlocked and upgraded with gear and abilities.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Homo Machina

This is one game that you should really play. The fact that it’s a paid game only accentuates the fact that it is worth every penny of the USD$4.00 that you will pay for Homo Machina. This artsy puzzle game from ARTE Experience is sure to excite those who had fun with games such as Monument Valley and the like. If you are a puzzle game enthusiast, you should try this out.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

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May 21, 2018 at 02:06AM