Games Roundup: New titles to check out this first weekend of 2018


The holiday season is almost over. It’s the first weekend of the year too so don’t waste it. Perhaps you’re not yet in the mood to work but you have to get up and go through the daily grind. If you’re still prepping up for the new year, we suggest you slow down this weekend. Don’t go out. Enjoy the cozy indoors and spend the next 48 hours playing the latest mobile games. You know you can no longer squeeze those few minutes of gaming next week because you’ll be busy, busy, busy. For the mobile geeks and most of the Android community, you’re probably gearing up for the CES. It’d be a crazy week so take this time and be entertained by these games we’ve rounded up for you.


Role-playing games take you to a different world at least for a few hours or so. You could spend the whole day (if you don’t have other responsibilities) exploring the spirit world. It’s a magical place of spirits where all kinds of elements are fighting for power, dominance, and strength. The Onmyoji is a group of gifted humans that can understand the spirits and humans that once coexisted. The Onmyojis can connect the two worlds. They have the power to tame the restless spirits as they aim to keep the peace. Clash with players from all over the real world, build up your team, summon the shikigami, and discover more spirits. This is actually an old game but we recently took notice of this game that was included in the App Store 10 Best Apps/Games of the Year, Facebook’s 2016 Game of the Year for Best Mobile Game, and Google Play Best of 2017 for Most Competitive Game.

Download Onmyoji


Antihero is another mobile strategy game that can be considered as the ultimate time-waster. This digital board game requires you to unleash the cunning thief in you. Not that you’re a natural but this game will make you think and strategize in order to thrive in the Victorian underworld. Follow the story as you play with friends and strangers in this multiplayer game—all while following the House Rules you’ve previously set. You’re a masterthief but you have a lot to prove in the business of stealing. There’s just too many traps, estates, and business to infiltrate. You can have all the riches in the world. It’s up to you how you will gather them all. Of course, you have the enemies to look out for. Make sure they don’t assassinate you first.

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Peace, Death!

There’s so much evil in the world and what better way to counter the enemies than by well, acting as the Reaper himself. It sounds morbid but ‘Peace, Death!’ is all about darkness. Your boss here is Death of the Apocalypse, Inc. and you are challenged to keep your job. How to exactly? Determine the fate of your client by examining his features. You decide where to send or allocate him. One of your many goals is to complete a catastrophe and unlock more and new clients for your boss. The game has a total of seven weeks trial period where you will face a new event each week. It gets harder each week so be prepared for all the difficulties that will come your way. It’s not so easy being the Reaper after all.

Download Peace, Death!

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is a new mobile game by Tencent. It’s not entirely new but the gaming company is only releasing the Android version. If you’ve played the game before, you will also love this mobile version of an adventure that will have you opening fire on all the enemies. The game is still under development but feel free to pre-register and get the first dibs HERE.

Attack on Titan

‘Attack on Titan’ is yet another game still being developed by Tencent. Aside from PUBG, here’s a game that will take you back to your early days in geekdom. In this game, your role will be a member of the 104th Training Corps. It will be a first-person game where you will have to finish quick time events in finishing off the enemies. There is only one caveat: the game will only be available South East Asia.

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January 5, 2018 at 10:14AM