Games Roundup: Either get a Valentines or get gaming


It’s that time of the year, eh? Some of you will say “yay!” or some of you will say “humbug!” But whether you like this month or not, we really can’t be of much help in that department – it’s the same grind for us here at Android Community, Valentines or no Valentines. What we can give you – and we’re pretty committed to this – are new options for Android games that you can enjoy on your day-to-day grind, that one we surely can help you with.

Humble Mobile Bundle 22

So we start off not just with one game, but a whole bundle of it. The Humble Mobile Bundle 22 is out, and you can pay what you want (as long as it’s more than USD$1.00) for these games. The initial batch of games (pay $1.00 or more) includes Splitter Critters, Star Vikings Forever, and Galaxy of Pen and Paper. The second batch will entail you paying more than the average (at time of writing, the average is $4.78) and will get you Oxenfree, Mushroom 11, Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, in addition to the first batch of games. The last tier is when you pay $5.00 or more which means you get the first two batches of games, plus Party Hard GO and Death Road to Canada. If you pay for the third tier, you can get a total of eight games for as low as USD$5.00, which will normally cost you USD$45.00.

PURCHASE: Humble Bundle

Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers

Developer Nerf-Game released Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers two years ago on iOS, and now Android is finally getting a taste of this challenging platformer. On Android, the game is now free to play, which means some ads and monetization at some point. But it’s basically the same challenging game, with the same funny storyline. This game is worth the download, we’re highly recommending it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

The X-Files: Deep State

Now here’s a curiosity, a hidden object game with an X-Files theme. Yes, all X-Files fans will know that the truth is out there, but enough of searching for truth just now and try to find the objects in the pictures, why don’t you? The game is laden with nostalgic X-Files treatment, and there’s an episodic storyline that moves the game forward. If you are a fan of the series, then I guess this could be worth a try.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Earth Wars

No, this is not that Transformer-themed game. Earth Wars is actually an enjoyable side-scrolling hack-and-slash game that you probably will enjoy, if you like these types of games. You get a storyline that’s common with post-apocalyptic sci-fi stories, and there will be some RPG-like gameplay elements so you can improve your character. The fun, though, is when you slice and shoot your way through alien hordes and take down monstrous bosses. The game is fluid and enjoyable enough that we think it is worth spending the USD$4.00 on.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

So if you were waiting for the cute chibi version of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV, then we’re glad to tell you that the game is now available in some territories. You can check the download link below to see if it is already available where you are. Remember, the game will take you through the whole story of FFXV, but the game is designed in that familiar episodic design for Android devices made popular by Telltale. You get to play the first chapter for free, and the next 9 chapters will be pay to play.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Bluebird of Happiness

Now if you’re up for some strange casual RPG gaming, then try this game. It’s short enough that you can finish it in probably a few hours, given the casual nature of the game. What will get you, though, is the sort of creepy storytelling that may appeal to some people. So check out Bluebird of Happiness if you’re the type who enjoys adventure RPGs with a creepy twist.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

Reporter 2

How about a horror survival game so that you’ll forget that you don’t have a date for Valentines? That’s ok. Just turn the lights off, connect your headphones, play the game – and scare yourself half to death. But if that’s a really good time for you rather than going out on a stupid date then by all means, download the game which is on sale for below $1.00. Also, you need to see a therapist, but that comes later, I guess.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store


Project M, a Magic: The Gathering Android game

According to a joint announcement by Wizards of the Coast and Korean gaming giant Netmarble, they’re creating a new game – codenamed “Project M” for now – that will be released sometime this year. This is good news for Magic: The Gathering fans, as this will reportedly be a “multiplayer battle game” based on the Magic: The Gathering multiverse. Sounds interesting, yes? Watch this space.

Final Fantasy Awakening

How about a Final Fantasy game that’s not released by Square Enix? That’s right, Final Fantasy Awakening is a one-off, you probably won’t see a lot of FF franchise games not launching under Square Enix’s banners. This one is launching under Oasis Games, and it’s a 3D action RPG which was designed specifically for mobile and should bring you back very close to Final Fantasy’s console roots. The game is soft launching in Australia and South East Asia, so if you’re in those areas, check out the download link below.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

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February 11, 2018 at 11:01AM