Game of the Week: Let your free time fall into the void with!

576 is a wacky game that’s actually worth checking out.

Update August 17, 2018: Our pick this week is, a new competitive game that’s oddly satisfying with multiple modes of play!


If you’ve been a fan of .io games — and — you owe it to yourself to check out the latest game to borrow the formula. In, you control a black hole that travels along the ground in a bustling little city as you swallow up anything and everything that can fall into it. You continue to grow in size as you collect more things, until you’re able to gobble up entire city blocks with your massive black hole.

There are four game modes to choose from:

  • Classic mode has you competing against online opponents to see who can grow the biggest in just two minutes.
  • Battle mode is your typical last-man-standing mode… except with holes.
  • Solo mode has you try and clear the entire map in under two minutes.
  • Friends mode lets you set up a local multiplayer game using Bluetooth.

The game is free to play with ads that pop up after each game, although you can pay to remove the ads. This is such a simple concept that’s quick to learn, hard to master, and an absolute blast to play in short bursts. If you’re like me, you’ve seen ads for this game plastered all over social media. Usually, that makes be a bit skeptical but I’m glad I checked it out.

Download: (Free w/Ads, IAPs)

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August 17, 2018 at 05:35AM