Galaxy Note 9 users on T-Mobile now have caller verification


T-Mobile has now officially launched its Caller Verified technology and those who have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are the first that will benefit from this. All calls that will be made on the T-Mobile network will now be “Caller Verified” so you know that the calls you receive are from actual people that you know or need to interact with. This is the newest way that T-Mobile will help you combat spammers and scammers and is their latest implementation of the STIR and SHAKEN standards.

They say that around half of the calls that will be received in the US this year will actually be scam calls. Aside from the fact that it’s annoying to be getting these calls, people are also vulnerable to being tricked into spending or giving money to these “fraudsters”. With this newest tech implemented by T-Mobile, it adds an extra level of security so that these scam calls will not be able to have access to you.

ID spoofing is a common trick that they use, hijacking the phone number to match the area code and the 3-digit prefix of the person they’re targeting. T-Mobile can now identify if someone is doing this and will not label such calls as “verified”. If the number that’s calling you has been authenticated and verified, you’ll see the “Caller Verified” identifier on your screen. However, this is now only applicable for calls made on the T-Mobile network as well.

When other carriers start implementing the STIR/SHAKEN standards on their networks, then the Caller Verified tech of T-Mobile will also be applied across networks. For now also, only those that have the Galaxy Note 9 on T-Mobile can enjoy this verification process. You don’t have to update anything, it will just show up. Hopefully, they will be able to expand this to other devices as well.

SOURCE: T-Mobile

via Android Community

January 11, 2019 at 07:03AM