Galaxy Note 8 videos show how to take selfies, sync Gear Sport, use Smart Launcher


Whether you just recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or you’ve had it for a few weeks or months now, it’s always nice to discover something new about how to use it. Samsung’s YouTube channel has released three new videos that can help you out, in case you didn’t know these things yet: how to take a selfie easily, how to sync your new Gear Sport if you bought one, and how to customize your phone with the Smart Launcher app.

The Galaxy Note 8 has been praised for the quality of its cameras, both the main ones and the front-facing one. If you like taking selfies, you don’t have to suffer through just one way to do so. You can add a floating button so that it won’t be so difficult to reach that shutter in the lower middle part, if your fingers are either too big or small. Even better, you can actually activate voice control for the camera. You can take pictures just by saying “cheese”, “smile” or “capture”. Open your camera then go to the settings to activate either of the two.

If you recently bought a Gear Sport and haven’t synced it yet with your Note 8, they offer a simple video tutorial of how to do it so you can start getting on your fitness goals. Turn on your Bluetooth and then go to the Samsung Gear app. Click on Start the Journey so you can, well, start your journey. Then tap on the Gear Sport device in the menu and it will auto pair with your Note 8 when you confirm the passkey on both devices. But going to the gym itself, now that will be up to you.

Lastly, if you want to fully customize how your Galaxy Note 8 looks, at least on your home screen and launcher, Samsung recommends you download Smart Launcher from the Google Play Store. You can choose how your home screen will look and how to launch your apps, and other customizable things you can explore later on.

via Android Community

December 14, 2017 at 09:06PM