Futuremark updates 3DMark app, gives more meaningful scores, new Vulkan test


Before most benchmark apps started appearing in the Play Store, Futuremark was already a known name in graphics benchmarking. So it’s good that Futuremark is continuing to evolve its popular 3DMark app to give better and more meaningful benchmark numbers for mobile device and smartphone performance.

The highlight of the new 3DMark benchmarking app is that it doesn’t give you just a number, it gives you more meaningful data that you can use. New charts and numbers will give you answers to questions like, “Is my score good for devices with the same specs?” and “How does my device compare with other popular models?”

Also, the new 3DMark app puts a premium on measuring real-world performance. This means that charts and data will be available for you to see how consistent your device performs over different circumstances. It will also show you comparisons for your device in ideal conditions, and under duress (when heat slows down a device).

Lastly, the 3DMark app also gets a new Vulkan benchmark test, to see if your device performs better using the Vulkan API (if your device has it) or using another API like OpenGL ES 3.1. The app also gets a makeover with the interface showing more Material Design than before. Check out the app via the download link below.

SOURCE: Futuremark 1, 2
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

via Android Community

December 19, 2017 at 06:06AM