Future smartphones may feature more 3D sensing solutions


The future of smartphones is definitely smarter. Some say one’s phone may even be more powerful than the laptops or PCs a few years from now. That’s possible. The phone still has many rooms for improvements. It hasn’t reached its peak yet because new advancements in technology are being introduced left and right. For this year, it’s about getting an almost bezel-less display and dual cameras.

Having bigger batteries isn’t always a great idea. Samsung has already proven their phones don’t need larger capacities. What a device need is a well-performing OS. It’s not always the latest processor, bigger screen, higher RAM, or other premium specs. In the coming years, we’ll probably see 3D sensing technologies in actions. According to a recent report by Digitimes, smartphone vendors are working on 3D sensing functionality and are planning to add them to future phones.

The likes of Oppo, Xiaomi Technology, and Huawei are expected to launch such technology next year. Some suppliers have been identified although there’s no official confirmation yet. There’s Orbbec, Largan Precision, Sunny Optical, and Himax Technologies.

Qualcomm, Opto-electronics, and Himax have been working on 3D sensing solutions. Largan already has transmitter lens modules and 3D sensing receivers. Orbbec is reportedly working on controller chips, algorithms, structure-light 3D cameras, and more 3D sensors. Meanwhile, Sunny Optical also has structure-light 3D sensing technology which might go into mass production by the second half of 2018.

VIA: Digitimes

via Android Community

November 20, 2017 at 11:01AM