Free games for PlayStation 4 you probably haven’t heard of


Free is always the better deal!

Sometimes we get bored of the games in our current library and need to spice things up a bit. So what happens if you’re on a tight budget or waiting for payday? You check out the free section of the PlayStation Store of course!

For the sake of giving you something new and interesting, I won’t be adding games like Warframe or War Thunder to the line-up. Those games are wildly popular and chances are you’ve already been playing them. This one is all about the diamonds in the rust!

Spelunker World

It’s time to experience the joy of discovery with Spelunker World. There are plenty of things to find from treasures to collect to devices that will make your adventure easier. Play solo or grab your friends to figure out all the puzzles and get deeper into the Earth’s crusts! Spooky monsters and deadly traps are waiting for your in these ruins, so get the team and see what lies at the end of the tunnel!

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If there is anything most gamers are a sucker for, it’s a good massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). While other MMOs for the PlayStation exist, including DC Online, I feel that Skyforge has hit the nail on the head. While DC Online was fun to play I found as the quests continued on it required a lot more reading than my "I’m trying to relax" brain appreciated. Sometimes you just want to power through and grind levels doing all the quests you can, and Skyforge does just this. The scenery was beautiful, there was nothing complicated about the gameplay, leveling up was fun and the community was wonderful!

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Happy Dungeons

This adorable title will allow you to become the hero you want to be in the way you’ve always wanted to. Wield your magic, grab your sword and shield or even dual wield your daggers! Happy Dungeons is a role-playing game with multiplayer options for you to bring your friends in on the fun! Bonus feature? You don’t need PlayStation Plus to play online with your friends!

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Pox Nora

Fantasy games are getting wildly popular, and Pox Nora is here to bring you a new turn-based adventure. Here you will take on quests to raise your stature in this world of immortals and fight your way to the top. They have a grid-like fighting system, complete with deciding your attacks and defenses. Collect your heroes, runes, and cards to strengthen your army! Are you ready for the battle?

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Dungeon Defenders II

Here you have a fun adventure where you’ll battle small orcs to protect what is yours and find more loot. The graphics for Dungeon Defenders II is colorful, vibrant and fun to watch. Even the gameplay was simple and easy to get the hang of! So, grab your choice weapon and make your way through the obstacles!

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What do you think of the free-to-play games listed above? Which one is your favorite? If I didn’t list one that you know you love to tell me about it in the comments below!

Updated March 2018: We’ve added new free titles for you to check out!

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March 28, 2018 at 09:33AM