Flickr changes to start rolling out by 2018


Flickr found itself once again being under new owners. That’s because of the Verizon acquisition of Yahoo which led to the transfer to their current owner, SmugMug. But because they sort of share the same business, that of image hosting, we expected a few changes will eventually happen to Flickr. Now it looks like we’ll be seeing the changes starting January 2019 as they add more “perks” to the paid tier and also lessen what free users can do within the site and app.

Obviously, SmugMug wants you to subscribe to Flickr so they have added some additional perks to entice you. The standard membership includes unlimited storage of photos and videos at full resolution, 5k photo display, video playback up to 10 minutes, OG pro badges, advanced statistics on your photos (including which ones are trending and which have performed the best), and ad-free browsing.

They have now added more partner discounts, which includes Adobe Creative Cloud, gear from Peak Design, and customer portfolio sites on SmugMug itself. You also get premiere customer service where you get support from “a brand new, world-class support team”, probably as opposed to just standard customer service that you get if you don’t subscribe.

For those who will opt to stay with the free service, you will only get to upload 1,000 photos and videos. They did not specify a size but more on the number of media that you upload. If you don’t want to pony up for the subscription, you’ll have to download your excess photos and videos but you’ll have until January to do so when the changes take effect. You’ll even get 30% off for your first year if you sign up before then.

How much will you have to pay for a Pro account? If you pay annually, it will be $4.17 per month. But if you want to pay every month, then you’ll have to shell out $5.99 per month. Will you be upgrading to the pro version despite other photo uploading services that are free and/or cheaper?

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November 2, 2018 at 05:03AM