Fitbit OS 2.0 rolls out to 10% of Ionic users


If Ionic users think that Fitbit has forgotten about them with the launch of the new Versa smartwatch, the OEM announced that they are starting to rollout the Fitbit OS 2.0, starting with 10% of those who own the previous (more expensive) wearable. The updated OS brings new things like the Fitbit Today dashboard and the ability to add Deezer playlists and it also has improvements to its user interface. They are slowly rolling it out to Ionic users to ensure that there will be no problems and issues.

Probably the most noticeable change is that you now have a new dashboard for all your health and fitness data. Fitbit Today has most of the information you need in just once glance. You get personalized daily and weekly stats and data and all your historical activity and exercise summaries if you want to take a look at it. You can also see Fitbit tips here as well as action-oriented prompts for various things you can do on your wearable.

If you use Deezer as your music streaming service, you can now add playlists to your Ionic smartwatch. There have also been some changes when it comes to its user interface. You can swipe down from the clock face or press and hold the top button if you want to see your notifications. If you swipe up, you’ll see the stats and current battery level of your device. If you press and hold the back button, you’ll see all your music controls, payments, and the shortcut screen.

If you own an Ionic, you probably won’t receive the Fitbit OS 2.0 update immediately as they’re only rolling it out initially to 10% of users. Everyone should have it in a couple of weeks though, so patience will be a virtue for you.

SOURCE: Fitbit

via Android Community

March 19, 2018 at 05:35AM