Fitbit announces Ace, the company’s first kid-friendly fitness tracker


  • The Fitbit Ace is the company’s first kid-friendly fitness tracker, coming in Q2 for $99.95.
  • Fitbit’s new family account will allow family members to compete against each other to achieve step goals and complete challenges.
  • Through the Fitbit app, parents can keep a close eye on their children’s progress, activity, and friend requests.

Child obesity is on the rise, and Fitbit wants to do something about it. That’s why it’s launching the new Fitbit Ace fitness tracker for kids.

On the surface, you may think this is a repackaged Fitbit Alta HR — and you’d be correct. But the Ace features an all-new feature set designed specifically for kids ages eight and up. This device can keep track of your children’s steps taken, active minutes, and sleep stats, and you can even customize daily step and active minute goals. The Ace features move reminders to help them remember to move if they’ve been sitting too long. Kids will receive celebratory messages and collectible badges if they achieve their goals.

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Fitbit will also introduce new competitions in the Fitbit app that allow family members to compete against each other to achieve certain step goals.

Alongside the Fitbit Ace, the company is introducing a new Fitbit family account. This will allow parents to keep a closer eye on their children’s activity, progress, and friend requests in the Fitbit app. There’s also a new child view setting, which limits what data your child sees in the app. If you don’t want them to see their friend requests, you can turn that feature off.

If your child happens to own a smartphone, they can receive call notifications right on their wrist.

The Ace has a battery that will last up to five days on a single charge, and features an adjustable, showerproof band that comes in two colors — electric blue and power purple. It’s available for pre-order today on for $99.95, with global availability beginning in Q2 2018. When it launches, you’ll be able to find it at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl’s, and Target.

Fitbit is really pushing the family angle with its Spring 2018 device lineup. The company just announced the Fitbit Versa smartwatch, complete with female health tracking features and an app for new parents. You can read more about the Fitbit Versa at this link.

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March 13, 2018 at 08:39AM