First Android game arrives from Super Smash Bros. creator


part time UFO

You may know HAL Laboratory as the creator of some of Nintendo‘s most iconic properties, like the Super Smash Bros. series, Kirby, and EarthBound. Now, the first Android game from the prestigious developer is landing on the Google Play Store in an English translation.

Originally released under the title Working UFO as a Japanese exclusive, Part Time UFO is a crane claw game where you are a cute little UFO (which looks a lot like a character from early Kirby games) helping humans with odd jobs. Using your crane claw, you stack and move objects around, earning prizes for efficiency.

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The game is pay-to-play, but has no in-app purchases; the one-time price of $3.99 is the only real currency you’ll have to spend. You can earn in-game cash as you go along, which can be spent on new outfits and abilities for your UFO character.

The game also takes advantage of Google Play Games Services, enabling you to earn achievements and easily share them with your friends and the Part Time UFO gaming community.

Sure, this game is no Kirby or Smash Bros. release, but it’s terrific to have HAL finally producing content for mobile devices. Try your hand at Part Time UFO by clicking the button below!

via Android Authority

February 26, 2018 at 11:31AM