Files by Google: Renamed Files Go file management app now made better


Google announced a storage manager app last December. Called Files Go, the app has been known to help mobile users to search for files with ease and allow them to share easily with others. Even without an internet connection, file management is possible so your phone will always have enough memory. Files Go was initially released in Brazil, India, and Nigeria but was also made globally available, serving almost 30 million people. The app was once considered as Google’s solution to deal with mass good morning messages.

Files Go has since received several updates including SD card and tablet support, “open with” option, a quicker way of backing up files to Google Drive, better search, duplicates detection, backup deletion, faster sharing, and recently, a built-in media player.

The app greatly helps in maximizing limited phone storage so more consumers can enjoy more content on their smartphones. Sending apps is also possible even between two different phones and sans the Internet.

Google is doing another rebrand. Files Go is now called Files by Google. Honestly, Files Go is easier to mention and remember but we know Google wants to put its name.

The tech giant has also made some updates. The user experience has been redesigned to focus more on content. You see–the more storage saved, the better–so it is important that an Android user utilizes something like Files by Google to help you manage files and clean up space on a smartphone.

Download Files by Google from the Google Play Store

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November 8, 2018 at 07:02PM