Fido Canada network review – a closer look at Fido plans


In 2004, mobile provider Fido was bought by its sole GSM competitor, Rogers, but it has remained a separate service ever since.

Fido currently runs on an LTE network with a 700MHz signal.

If you want to save some cash and stay away from the bigger (read pricier) providers, Fido is a tried-and-true discount brand. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the better Fido plans!

Fido mobile rates

Talk and text plans

Fido offers talk and text plans from $35 per month.

That’ll get you 500 minutes of calls and unlimited text when you bring your own smart or basic phone. Bump that up to unlimited calls for $45 per month.

If you’re looking for a new device, Fido can help there too. For additional monthly fees, you can save $300 to $500 on a new device. You can score some even bigger savings with a two-year contract, including some free phones from Samsung and LG.

Fido plans

Fido Pulse

If you want talk and text as well as data, Fido Pulse plans are what you’re looking for — why Fido chose to trademark a name for something as commonplace as that is anyone’s guess, but here we are.

Every Pulse plan comes with unlimited talk and text, with variations in data offerings.

A basic 1GB plan costs $50 per month when you bring your own phone. If you want a new phone, a “small” plan will cost $60, but get you up to $300 off a new phone, while a “medium” plan goes for $65 and saves you up to $500.

At higher price points, you can also get “large” and “extra large” plans. For example, a 5GB plan costs $70 per month when you bring in your own phone. With a “large plan, you’ll pay $100 per month and save up to $700 on a new phone. With an “extra large” plan, you jump up to $110 per month and save up to $900.

Data-only Fido plans

If you just need data for a tablet or to use Fido hotspots, you have options too. Get a Fido SIM card, put it into your device, and you’ll be all set to use your choice of two data plans.

Fido plans - data only

Fido home internet

Fido home internet is currently only available in Ontario. (Canada’s favourite child always gets special treatment!)

If you’re the type of internet user who just checks their email and reads the news online (hi, dads of the world), Fido has a bare bones plan for $35 per month. What will that buy you? Not much. You’ll have 50GB of data and download speeds up to 5Mbps.

Moving up the food chain, you can have download speeds up to 30Mbps, with unlimited data, all for $50 per month.

To jump up to 75Mbps, still with unlimited data, you’ll be looking at $65 per month. If you want speed without needing unlimited data, $60 can also get you 75Mbps, with a data cap of 200GB (still not exactly skimpy on the data).

Final thoughts

Fido certainly isn’t your one-stop shop if you want a provider that does it all. With home internet only available in Ontario and no sign of TV offerings, it’s pretty safe to call Fido a mobile provider above all else.

Still, depending on what you’re looking for, Fido is a great way to save money while still having solid service and even getting a free or cheap phone thrown into the deal.

What do you think? Any Fido customers want to jump into the comments with their own first-hand experiences?

via Android Authority

April 6, 2018 at 10:42PM