Facial recognition technology on Android easily fooled by a fake head


How secure are Face ID and Face Unlock technologies? We know they are fun to use but maybe, they’re not at all secure to use. Facial recognition is convenient if you always check your phone. No need to press a fingerprint scanner or enter your PIN because phones nowadays can already recognize your face. The technology is really fast and reliable but apparently, it can be fooled. This idea has been raised before when Samsung Galaxy S8’s facial recognition feature was compromised with a photo.

That was last year. We were expecting a lot has changed or have been improved but unfortunately, it’s still the same. A recent report by Forbes tells us Android phones can be broken with a 3D-printed head.

It sounds crazy but it was done as an experiment to test four Android devices and the iPhone X. A fake head was made to test face recognition. It was discovered only the iPhone X could not be unlocked.

The fake head was made using a 3D printer. It was scanned from a person–the phone’s owner–and then printed. The head looks scary but you know, it successfully unlocked four devices namely a OnePlus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S9, and LG G7 ThinQ.

All four were tricked by the 3D head so it’s rather disappointing the phones are not that secure. They can be duped. Of course, a 3D printed head is unusual but the experiment was made to prove many things.

Security and accuracy are important. Apple puts a premium on mobile security so we wonder how come other Android OEMs can’t do it. Because of this, we’re now looking at fingerprint scanning a more secure option.

Face unlock tech is efficient and effective. It’s no doubt fast but sadly, it can be easily fooled. We don’t want fake heads unlocking our phones. It doesn’t happen under normal circumstance but you know how the world can be so cruel.

VIA: Forbes

via Android Community

December 17, 2018 at 07:05AM