Facer interactive watch faces: what Wear OS can now do


One of the many good things about smartwatches is the ability to customize. You can change the strap depending on style or color but that would require some assembly. For a quick transformation, you can change the watch face. It’s the easiest and fastest way to give your smartwatch its own look and personality. In the recent years, we’ve featured a number of programs like Facer 2.0, Pujie Black Watch Face, and Face Maker. The last watch face related update we featured was when Facer 4.0 was released September last year.

Facer 4.0 received tons of new features almost a year ago. Also introduced was the Watchmaker Series. This time, there’s Facer 4.6.0 which is a major update to the platform. This one brings interactive watch faces that can be fun and interesting, bringing more like to your wearable device. The watch face designers will be busier than ever because we’re expecting demand will increase among smartwatch users.

The interactive watch faces are just there for animation and aesthetics. They can help launch frequently used apps on the watch, start fun and random animations, implement mini-games, cross-promote other products and designs, switch between data modes/color/styles, or launch frequently used apps on the smartwatch.

Several watch designers have begun working on new styles. New fun watch faces can be previewed. See for yourself how Faces work. You can be part of the Facer community and start working on your design.

Here are some of the new watch face designs you can use. With this development, Wear OS can probably copy or just make its own version.

Please Don’t Touch Me by TOMAJA Design

Triple Fruity by MbM

Unlimited Actions X1003 by TOMAJA Design and Modern Sport by MVMT

Check out Facer to see all interactive watch faces


via Android Community

June 20, 2018 at 06:02AM