Facebook’s Crisis Response Hub makes it easier to donate (at no extra charge)


During times of crisis, especially when you’re far away to do something seemingly significant and immediate, your first move would probably be to donate. But sometimes, you don’t know what is the best way to get the money directly to those affected and which organizations to support and trust. Facebook wants to make it easier for you and as part of their continually improving Crisis Response Hub, you now get a “crisis donate button” and 100% of it will go to GlobalGiving who in turn work with a lot of NGO’s on the ground.

The ability to donate to non-profits during an earthquake, typhoon, or any calamity, through the social media giant, has been around for the past four years or so. But you had to pay a 6.9% and $.30 processing fee that actually goes to payment processing, fundraiser vetting, and security and fraud protection. But now, if you make the donation through the Crisis donation button, there are no additional charges and fees.

The Crisis Response Hub, which rolled out just a couple of months ago, puts everything related to the ongoing crisis or disaster in just one place. You can use the “safety check” feature to mark yourself as safe and let your loved ones know that you were not affected. You can also get the latest news and updates not just from news agencies but from people who are on the ground.

But the most important part of this is, of course, the ability to donate right then and there. Facebook Social Good Product Manager Asha Sharma said that they want to to make it easier for those who want to help their community or the communities they care about, by sending help directly to organizations who are helping them at that moment.

VIA: Tech Crunch

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November 13, 2017 at 01:04PM