Facebook shutting down 3 apps due to low usage


They might have made up some excuse or PR-sounding reason for shutting three apps down, but it looks like Facebook is opting for the most honest one. Moves, tbh, and Hello will cease to exist in a few weeks because the social media giant will deprecate them due to low usage. If you’re thinking, “What the heck are those apps and why didn’t I know that they existed?”, then Facebook probably made the right decision to discontinue these apps.

To be honest, until Facebook announced that they will cease to be, we kind of forgot that they were still in existence. Hello was an app specifically for people in Brazil, the US, and Nigeria where Android users can combine their contacts’ Facebook information with the contact details that are in your phone. They will be “deprecating” the app in a few weeks. Meanwhile, the Moves fitness app was bought back in 2014. But given that there are a lot of more robust activity tracking apps (not to mention devices) out there now, it’s not a surprise that both the app and the API will be deprecated by July 31.

Lastly, the tbh anonymous social media app for high school students in the US was acquired just last year. But it didn’t really click or found its footing and so now we’re saying goodbye to it soon. All the three apps will have their user data deleted within 90 days. So if you need to back up some things from there, now is the time to do so.

Facebook shares that they regularly review their own apps as well as the ones the acquire so they don’t spread themselves too thin maintaining a thousand ones when only a handful are actually being used. So for those who were using those three apps, sorry, but you probably can do better anyway.

SOURCE: Facebook

via Android Community

July 3, 2018 at 09:01AM