Facebook rolls out Group Stories globally


Facebook started testing out the Stories feature in its Groups for some time now. It looks like the response to it was good and so now they are expanding it to other groups globally and letting members respond through lightweight reactions. They believe this actually helps admins and members of the group engage more with their communities and so now both mobile and desktop users will be able to see this feature in their groups once the rollout is complete.

The feature basically just lets you post stories on your Facebook Groups. But instead of just one person posting the story, it allows multiple members to add to the story by reacting and including their own photo, video, text, etc. The admins not only can directly and casually interact with the members but they also use it as a tool to build their membership per se. And members of course get to interact with the community more by sharing and inviting people to share in their stories.

You can create a story, whether you’re an admin or member, by tapping the Create Story button in the group story section at the top of your group page. Members can then choose to add to a particular story by tapping on the story in the tray and then choosing the add button. Just choose from your gallery a photo or video or take a photo or video, just like you would in your own Stories.

As for managing the stories in the group, if you’re an admin, you can go to the group settings for the story posting permissions and approvals so you have full access to all the stories that are being submitted for posting or posting directly (depending on your original posting settings). You can also mute or block members from contributing to a particular story.

Facebook has already started rolling out the Group Stories feature globally but since there are millions of groups now, it may be a gradual rollout.

SOURCE: Facebook

via Android Community

December 5, 2018 at 04:33PM