Facebook Dating will be integrated into main app


Ever since Facebook announced that they will be dipping their toes into the dating pool, or rather letting its users into the world of online dating, we have been both dreading and anticipating the rollout. Well, it’s still not officially here but we may actually be getting closer as they seem to be internally testing out the Facebook Dating feature. While initial reports said we might see a stand-alone app, it looks like there are no plans to do that just yet and instead, it will become a feature built into the main app itself.

During the F8 conference back in May, they gave us a preview of what to expect once we do get Facebook Dating and from the get go, it’s not looking to become the next Tinder as it seems to be looking into more “serious” types of connections. Users will have to opt in into the feature to be able to start using it and only those who have also opted in will be able to see each other. You have the option whether or not to let your current friends see that you’re “looking” so if you want to avoid some awkwardness, better just hide from them.

Facebook will show you your potential matches based on all the information that you have put into your whole profile. Once two people have overcome that first hurdle and expressed their interest in each other, they will now start communicating over Messenger or WhatsApp. It looks like there will be a limit as to how many people you can connect with so spammers and serial daters need to step away. And of course, you can always block someone if you feel they’re being too pushy but for now, that doesn’t mean they’re also blocked on Facebook. You’ll have to do that separately if you really want that other person to not contact you.

For now, there are no plans to monetize Facebook Dating so you won’t see ads and there is no option for a paid subscription to get more premium features. Only those who are 18 and above will be allowed to use the feature, obviously. And as mentioned before, for now, there are also no plans for there to be a stand-alone app but will instead be a part of the numbers features under your main app.

VIA: Tech Crunch

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August 6, 2018 at 06:03AM