Expand your Galaxy S10 storage with these microSD cards


The base storage for the Galaxy S10 lineup is 128GB — which is an insane number considering it was nothing more than a pipe dream for smartphones storage five short years ago — but that’s just the start of it. Samsung has higher options available for all of its new devices including a version of the S10+ that offers 1TB of internal storage. For those who love to chase the very best specs that 1TB might be extremely tempting, but keep in mind that Samsung also lets you throw in a microSD card with up to 512GB of added storage, which is a great way to you save some cash without skimping on storage.

Go all-in on extra storage

Samsung 512GB EVO Plus

The Galaxy S10 supports up to 512GB and you want every extra gigabyte of storage you can get. It would cost $250 to upgrade to the 512GB version of the S10, which makes the $150 price tag of Samsung’s 512GB microSD card a bit easier to swallow. If you know you’re going to need that much storage, this is arguably a better deal than upgrading.

$150 at Amazon

Straight from Samsung

Samsung 256GB EVO Plus

Using Samsung’s own microSD card offerings is a no-brainer considering the price and top-ranking quality. With read speeds up to 95MB/s and write speeds up to 90MB/s, you’ll be able to record HD video straight to this card, and the price is crazy good for this much storage.

$49 at Amazon

400GB for less

SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC Card

With read speeds up to 100MB/s and write speeds up to 90MB/s, this 200GB card from SanDisk will let you able to record in HD or 4K to your heart’s content. SanDisk is a trusted brand for storage and it has a lot of cards with smaller storage sizes available at prices that undercut Samsung’s offerings.

$78 at Amazon

Bring it all with you

Samsung EVO Select 512 GB

What’s the difference between Samsung’s EVO Plus and EVO Select microSD cards? Well in terms of specs they seem nearly identical but the Select does come in green. The price here is a bit higher than the EVO Plus, so it might come down to your own personal experience with Samsung cards — if you’ve used and trusted the EVO Select before, get it.

$200 at Amazon

Best value

Kingston Canvas React 512GB microSDHC Card

This Class 10, UHS-I microSDXC card from Kingston features a 512GB capacity and advertises read speeds up to 80MB/s and write speeds up to 40MB/s. It’s not quite as fast as others on this list, but with the SD adapter, you’ll be able to easily load up all your favorite media for your phone.

$145 at Amazon

Most space possible

PNY Elite 512GB

PNY’s 512GB microSD is the most expensive on this list, but its worth including because there aren’t a ton of microSD cards available at that size just yet. The company also offers a 128GB card that’s better priced at just $32 and comes with a USB adapter that makes it easier to transfer files from your PC.

$200 at Amazon

As you can see, it might make more sense to buy a microSD card rather than spending more on your smartphone’s internal storage. The best deals are the SanDisk 400GB microSD, or the 256GB Samsung EVO Plus for under $50, but let’s be real — you really want that 512GB Samsung EVO Plus and all the space that comes along with it.

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February 22, 2019 at 03:08AM