Evoland 2, the sequel to one of our favorite RPGs, is now on Android

  • Evoland 2 has launched on Android, following up on the innovative and well-received first game.
  • The sequel follows a similar action/adventure formula, but tosses in more genres as well.
  • Evoland 2 reportedly offers controller support and will be available on Android TV too.

Evoland is one of the best mobile RPGs around, so we’re happy to see follow-up title Evoland 2 launch today on Android.

Evoland 2 is an action/adventure game but, much like the original title, it takes you through the history of the genre. That means it starts out with Game Boy-style monochrome 2D visuals before eventually moving to 16-bit graphics and finally hitting 3D.

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The big change this time is that developer Shiro Games has implemented more genres to play through, ranging from the usual action/adventure formula to beat ’em ups and bullet hell shooters. 

In fact, the trailer (above) also shows a few other genres, such as match-three puzzlers, Bomberman-style antics, and platforming. If you aren’t a huge fan of action RPGs, there’s more variety on offer.

Several screenshots of Evoland 2.

TouchArcade also reports that the game is compatible with “most” Bluetooth controllers and will also be available on Android TV. Having played the original and finding touchscreen movement a little finicky, the gamepad support is definitely welcome.

The title is available at a promotional price of $5.99 until June 27 (normally $9.99). For the money, you’ll be getting roughly 20 hours of gameplay, according to the studio.

On the wall about getting Evoland 2? The original made our list of the best RPGs on Android, so give it a go — you can always claim a refund within two hours. Check out the Play Store listing via the button below.

via Android Authority

June 20, 2018 at 07:47AM