Every PlayStation VR game with HOTAS support


A flight simulators is designed to emulate the feeling of piloting an aircraft. A HOTAS controller brings a whole new level of immersion to any flight simulator by making it easier to forget you’re in a virtual reality (VR) headset. It removes the need for a Dualshock 4 or Move controller and replaces it with a joystick and throttle for better immersion. Games like Ace Combat 7 are compatible with a HOTAS controller, but there are a lot more. Check it out!

Prepare for War

Ace Combat 7

Ace Combat is a well-known game when it comes to flight simulators and it’s coming to the PlayStation VR on January 18, 2019. If you pre-order on Amazon today you’ll receive the F4-E Phantom II, 3 aircraft skins, and a digital copy of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.

$60 at Amazon

Combat in space

Eve: Valkyrie

This first-person spaceship shooter is here to take you through the turmoil of war. The visuals of this game are absolutely stunning and do a phenomenal job at making space look very real with every little detail. There’s even an option to play online against your friends with the Warzone expansion!

$40 at Amazon

Battle your friends

StarBlood Arena

StarBlood Arena is more combat-focused than it is flight-focused, but it’s still a great flight simulator regardless. This game doesn’t test your skills with challenges. You need to have lightning fast reflexes and one heck of a trigger finger to progress.

$26 at Amazon

Take back control

Space Rift

Space Rift is another PlayStation VR game that offers you the chance to fly through the galaxy. Earth was destroyed by a meteor shower and all of humanity was moved to Mars under the control of two groups named WEYSS and PANDORA. You, a pilot and recently blacklisted traitor, have joined the rebel ranks with Anoxia Station to take out the new world order.

$20 at PlayStation Store

War never changes

End Space

The United Trade Consortium has entrusted you with some of their best equipment to fight an ongoing war. Are you ready to test your skills? HOTAS support was recently added to this game, but there have been reports it’s not quite perfected yet. Stay tuned for updates to the game!

$20 at PlayStation Store

Open world flying


Here you’ll find yourself on a remote island with just your plane, helmet, and radio. Fly through loops, take timed courses, shoot targets, get prize money, and earn gold medals to show off all of your achievements. Then you can use the prize money to upgrade your ride!

$25 at PlayStation Store

A HOTAS emulates the feeling of controlling the cockpit of a real plane instead of using action buttons or triggers on a standard controller. When you take a phenomenal flight simulator like Ace Combat 7, put it in a VR headset, and complete the package with a HOTAS you’re left with something breathtaking. Imagine a first-person view of the clouds passing your windshield. It doesn’t matter if you find yourself flying over the oceans of Earth or in a galaxy far, far away. A flight simulator is one way to put a sparkle in your eyes and these games are sure to deliver.

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December 21, 2018 at 01:32AM