Every PlayStation VR game enhanced through PlayStation 4 Pro


The Playstation 4 Pro is incredible in more ways than one, but what games does it improve through the VR headset? Let’s find out!

PlayStation VR games already promise a rock solid framerate and a quality experience, but not every game plays exactly the same through each version of the PlayStation 4 console. Some games are made to play in what Sony calls “enhanced” mode if you have a PlayStation 4 Pro. These improvements can make a big difference, but before you go diving into a console upgrade you should see what games are already available in this new and improved mode.

Here are all the games that have been enhanced for newest PlayStation 4 Pro!

PS VR Worlds

PlayStation VR Worlds is a general demo game that comes with the PlayStation VR Bundle. This has several mini games to get you started in the VR universe. There has been a patch released for this game for better resolution and smoother transitions. You can see these differences best in Ocean Descent as well as The Heist.

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Playroom VR

Playroom VR is another PlayStation VR bundle game with more multiplayer games. This is a great game when you have guests over, but there are single player games for when you just want to play on your own. The patch that was released for this game includes crisper resolution which results in much better immersion. This is one of the best games to play in VR if you truly want to see the difference in the PlayStation 4 versus the Pro.

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Bound is a PlayStation original game which has been modified for PSVR as well. It’s a platformer with limited camera control, unless the player changes it. The Pro patch that was released for this game only really affected the lighting for a crisper image.

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Robinson the Journey

Robinson the Journey is a Pro enabled survival game for VR. It’s a first person where you are immersed into this new world full of unexpected enemies. This game has a higher resolution for crisper images and more immersion, due to it being Pro enabled.

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This is a first person shooter made for the PSVR with improvements on the Pro. Farpoint takes you through space in the comfort of your own home, while fighting alien creatures with your VR Aim. The patch in this game has crisper details as well as brighter colors and defined darker colors.

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This rhythm runner is a fast-paced game that requires quite a bit of your attention to pass each stage. With little health and quick pace, Thumper will take your attention in order to beat bosses and mini bosses. The patch received for this game receives just a slight upgrade in resolution, but it’s not anything for you to bat your eye at.

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Since this was one of the free PlayStation Plus games in August, you probably already own this mech-battling game. Not only is their a campaign great, but you can kick your friends butts while being completely immersed in the Mech universe. On the PlayStation 4 Pro, the patch creates better resolution and sharper textures in the game.

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Resident Evil 7

Everybody’s favorite horror game series has it’s newest arrival on PSVR. So, if you enjoy being completely emerged in the horror sphere of Resident Evil, the upscale to the Pro in VR will definitely help you out. The images are crisper, with the light coming through and making the shadows deeper, as if you need better high definition to want to pee your pants in this game.

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Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight is another Pro Enabled game for the PlayStation VR, which would explain it’s high quality resolution. This beautifully construct game following the life of a bald eagle will surely prove how the Pro can enhance games. The increase of the level of detail and the draw distance helps you enjoy this bird combat game.

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Eve Valkyrie

Eve Valkyrie is another space action game that takes place inside of your own spaceship. You chase around enemies, shooting them down as you protect your fellow comrades. The patch on Valkyrie for the Pro increases clarity of images and intensifies colors.

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Battlezone is an arcade style VR game where you’re in the cockpit of a tank. With the patch added to this in the PS4 Pro, it makes the game a lot crisper, which makes the cockpit look B.A. Enjoy going back to the arcade, with a little more immersion than the old arcade would have had.

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Rez Infinite

The psychedelic rail shooter based off of Sega’s Rez will have you rocking to the soundtrack as you shoot down enemies. The patch they added to this game for the Pro will up the resolution to make the immersion even better than before. Just be careful to not let all the crazy lights mess with your head.

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Rush of Blood

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is another horror VR game that is based off of the Until Dawn game for the PS4. It brings the horror of Until Dawn to the hearts of those who love arcade-style shooters. You would think that this would bring up a big patch for this game, but unfortunately, little has been improved upon. Shadows have been updated to real time and tracking is a bit faster, but sadly that’s all.

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Batman Arkham VR

Batman Arkham VR was a big hit, considering the thought that everybody was drawn to the Arkham series when it was released. You get to go through the underbelly of Gotham, going through all of the extras of the Arkham games. When played on the Pro, there is better definition in the distance, and the low resolution on the edge of the lenses has cleared out.

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Which of these games are you most excited to see enhanced with the PS4 Pro? Are there any other games you’ve seen a difference with the PlayStation 4 Pro? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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December 11, 2017 at 01:30PM