Every Limited Edition PlayStation 4 you can buy today


If you don’t want a generic PlayStation 4, then one of these limited editions models is the way to go!

Limited edition PlayStation 4s can be hard to find, but that’s no surprise – they’re limited, after all. These consoles tend to be on tap for the most hardcore of fans who will buy them day one to add them to their collection and ensure themselves a unit.

But if you happened to miss out and you just want yourself a limited edition PS4, you aren’t totally out of luck. Sony still offers a couple of these things at retail, while there are a few others you can snag from third-party merchants if you don’t mind going off the beaten path. Let’s take a look at them!

Days of Play

This is one of those special PlayStation 4 releases Sony likes to put out "just because." Days of Play is their celebration of PlayStation gamers. It’s typically celebrated with a nice big corporate sale, but also with a limited edition PlayStation 4 release.

This 1TB base PlayStation 4 costs $299 and has a deep blue finish with PlayStation’s iconic DualShock controller icons in gold lettering on it. There’s also a PlayStation logo on the upper right corner. On the controller, you’ll find a matrix of golden controller icons across the faceplate, but otherwise, it’s a simple recolor.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4 Pro is one of a kind with its iconic markings and Star Wars logos. The base of the console is the same Jet Black finish you’d find on an ordinary PS4 Pro, but that’s OK. The controller also gets some love here, with Star Wars-themed markings on the handles, as well as a trippy-looking Star Wars logo matrix on the touchpad.

You can get this 1TB console right now for $398. That figures to be a fantastic deal considering you’re getting a full copy of Star Wars Battlefront 2: Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition to go along with it. If you’re a fan of Star Wars and in need of a 4K gaming machine, this is all you’ll need.

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God of War

Of course the highest-rated game of this console generation has a limited edition model. Kratos leaves his mark on a God of War PS4 Pro that comes in a stunning silver finish. The markings on the console are inspired by the axe he uses throughout the game. The controller also comes in that same silver finish with a God of War-themed insignia and a tricked out trackpad.

While the console is not regularly available from Sony, there are still a few sellers on Amazon offering the 1TB model for $549. This is a $150 markup compared to its launch price, but you’ll be owning one of the coolest consoles and best games ever made.

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While Destiny 2 has taken over as the hot new space shooter to get, the original limited edition Destiny PS4 console is still a hot find. Sony went with a white backdrop here with etchings depicting topographical space map to make it look busy. There’s a nice big Guardians’ banner up front, with a Destiny logo situated in the upper left corner.

This particular model is of the original PlayStation 4 500GB console and not the Slim or Pro models. If you’re OK with that then Amazon has it for a fair price of $329.

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PS4 Slim Gold

This is the only console on this list not associated with any particular game. The golden PS4 Slim goes for a look of sheer elegance. It’s not actual gold, mind you, but the shade used by Sony throughout the console and its controller is just stunning. Put this one beneath an OLED TV to really pull off that rich living room effect.

Amazon has the 1TB model as low as $424.

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Call of Duty WW2

Fans of the armed forces (or those who simply have an unhealthy obsession with camouflage) will love the Call of Duty WW2 PS4 Slim model. The forestry green chassis could sit inside a jungle undetected with how authentic this pattern is. But perhaps it’s better off just looking cool on your entertainment stand.

You’ll get the 1TB console, a solid green controller, and a copy of Call of Duty WW2, all for $365.

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Final Fantasy XV

The design on this limited edition PS4 Slim captures the essence of Final Fantasy XV quite successfully. A full moon blends into the Jet Black chassis of the console, and the Final Fantasy XV logo can be found square in the middle.

Perhaps the coolest thing is the lettering beneath the logo – the names of all four main protagonists. It’s a list that may seem insignificant now, but one that you’ll wholly appreciate by the end of your journey. The controller also has a neat XV logo on it.

The 1TB console costs $449 and comes with a copy of Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition, which itself comes with the animated film KINGSGLAIVE on Blu-Ray, the Royal Raiment in-game outfit, and the Masamune in-game weapon.

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Batman Arkham Knight

You either die a hero, or see yourself live long enough to become the villain. Well, we’re not sure if the few years that the Batman Arkham Knight PS4 has been around can be considered long, but it certainly is no villain. It’s a desirable gaming machine with one of the most iconic comic book characters ever created represented here.

Batman’s shadowy figure is imprinted on the gray finish. The controller takes after that color, but the sheen on it makes it look like more of a silver. Batman fanatics should be in love here. It’s $504 to own the 500GB console.

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Uncharted 4

It’s odd that there aren’t many blue PS4s considering that’s Sony’s signature color. As is always the case, though, Nathan Drake is here to save the day with a pretty interesting "Gray Blue" shade of it on this Uncharted 4 PS4. It features pretty cool silkscreened artwork and the Uncharted logo in gold lettering. The controller doesn’t have any extra etchings on it, but that unique color should make you a happy camper. The console and a copy of the game come bundled for $389.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

This is probably the most striking option yet. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s version of the PS4 goes all in on the Nuk3town orange highlights. The console itself cheekily shows the roman numeral three as it appears on the cover of the game, with other miscellaneous markings on the front edge of the console.

The controller offers a nice contrast of carbon gray and nuclear orange. It’s bound to make someone’s eyes hurt, but if you are in love with the colors, then it may be worth the risk. The console comes bundled with the game and the Nuk3town playable map for $591.

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Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars

Here’s another one for you Star Wars fans out there. This 500GB PS4 is more for those who identify with the Dark Side, with the Disney Infinity 3.0 model showing Darth Vader in all his ominous glory. Even if Disney Infinity isn’t your cup of tea, this is one desirable package as it comes with a few figurines to add to your collection. It’s available today for $429.

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Get one before it’s too late

As we’ve stressed, these are limited edition models, meaning they will someday be hard to find. Collectors or diehard fans will want to get their hands on these before they dry up, so go grab the one you like and game on!

Updated June 2018: Sony’s new Days of Play limited edition PS4 has been added to the list for those who are fans of deep blue and gold.

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June 15, 2018 at 03:30AM