Enjoy Soma, Onrush, and more for December’s PlayStation Plus games!


These are the free games you can get right now with your PlayStation Plus membership.

One of the biggest perks of having a PlayStation Plus membership is the free games you get every month. I’ve got a list of the games PlayStation is offering this month, and it includes some popular AAA titles. Start downloading these games, and enjoy your free games for the month of September!

PlayStation 4 free games this month

PlayStation 3 free games this month

PlayStation Vita free games this month

Full game line-up

Read on below to see some quick previews of the games you get for free this month!


You find yourself isolated at the bottom of the ocean in an underwater facility named PATHOS-II. Machines have grown too sentient for their own good, and difficult decisions need to be made. You’ll have to unlock terminals, discover secret documents, and find fellow survivors to make it out of this alive. Be careful. Corrupted humans, twisted creatures, insane robots, and terrifying AI are on every corner of the station. Can you survive?

$30 at PlayStation Store.


Get your adrenaline up and your heart racing with this exciting game. ONRUSH is an arcade-racing game here to steal your heart with some of the best racing mechanics we’ve ever seen. You will be awarded for taking out your fellow racers in a new system that encourages you to drive recklessly. Start your engines and get rowdy!

$31 at Amazon.


This 8-bit game is endless amounts of fun. Jump in your spaceship, collect your power-ups, and prepare for battle. Enemies are flying at your with a vengeance so you’ll need to make sure your reflex skills are ready to be tested. Most of this game’s environments are randomly generated, and that means you will constantly be challenged to evolve in your skills!

$70 at Amazon.


You and a group of scientists have discovered a way to send messages into the past. We all know how dangerous that can get, so it’s no surprise when you trigger a chain of events that spiral out of control. An organization named SERN are responsible for failed time travel events, and now they’ve directly involved themselves in your life for the things you’ve done. So, what are you going to do now?

$40 at Amazon.


Another 8-bit adventure for you to dive into! Robin, the main character of this game, is a helpful mechanic who just wants to save the world. Use her various weapons and fierce moves to battle your way through the levels and help everyone you can on your way!

$20 at PlayStation Store.

Papers, Please.

Papers, Please is a game that gets pretty real. This story takes place at the end of a 6-year war, and you’re playing the role of an immigration inspector between the 3 affected countries. It’s your job to use documents provided by travelers and the Ministry of Admission’s process of inspection, search and fingerprints to determine who is allowed to come into the country. Everyone else is turned away or arrested.

$10 at PlayStation Store.

Which is your favorite game you’ve gotten for free with PlayStation Plus?

Let us know which game you’ve loved and which one you’re excited about this month! Drop a comment below or shoot me a Tweet and tell me all about it!

Updated December 2018: We’ve updated this list with all the new free PS+ games for this month!

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November 28, 2018 at 08:48AM